The Power of stillness…

This morning I had a deep realisation that everything is ok in the world, in me and in my relationships…

I had put down needing to “do” anything or to achieve anything..

Part of my past and make up is the need to “do” and a compulsion to keep myself busy as a way of distraction from myself.

Sometimes distraction is needed but not today…today I choose to connect with the part of me that feels inadequate and in an attempt to fix this will normally busy myself hoping that someone will notice what I have done …and say “well done”

We all need to feel acknowledged which is a part of human emotion and existense.

However when I am busy trying to attach my worth to externals that in itself can cause disconnection within me.

I recognise this as a deeply engrained and familiar pattern.

I am sitting here enjoying music, in the sun enjoying being in the moment and recognising the growth in my life.

I also acknowledge the space for feelings as they arise not needing to change them but gently observing them.

“The war is over, I no longer need to fight with myself” today I let in the light and embrace what is…all is well”

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