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Being vulnerable…

Firstly I want to say that as a man I understand how hard it can sometimes be to feel less than “strong”.

To have it all held together, neatly packaged with no cracks in the armour.

I also know how heavy that armour can get to carry.

Like a packhorse constantly going up hill with no breaks.

Added to which the additional “burden” of others peoples worries and emotional fragility.

Growing up as a caretaker, provider, hunter, head of the family (and this goes on) can have a devastating affect on mental health.

I have witnessed this coming out in addictive processes including turning to drinks/drugs and moving into compulsive caretaking of others.

High levels of poor self care and worse turning to suicidal ideation or the worst case scenario actually following through on that.

I want to in this moment say “it is ok to struggle” it is ok to not have it figured out.

It is ok to say no and let someone else make their own mistakes and with that gain their own understanding from the current situation they find themselves in.

It is ok to cry, to need to be held and let ourselves fall apart.

Thats where the beauty is, the light, the moment of surrender.

Thats when we are heard on the deepest of levels and thats where the hand of spirit (or a loved one) can reach us.

We bring ourselves back home to ourselves and within that surrender lies our true power.

So, in this moment I want to encourage you to lean into your vulnerability and not shut it down or shout it out.

Ask for help if you need it…

You are so loved.

Be well.


2 thoughts on “Being vulnerable…”

  1. This article is such an important reminder that strength can come from being vulnerable and asking for help when we need it. Thank you for this message of encouragement and support.

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