What is Future Goal coaching?

Future Goal coaching is a step beyond the traditional coaching approach of goal setting and achievement.

Using a combination of deep coaching questions, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), somatic / gestalt approches and creative visualisation you will be able to experience the achievement of your desired goal/intentions on a sub conscious level that goes deeper than a typical coaching session.

This is a deeply powerful and transformational experience that will leave you feeling empowered to take the next right step in line with your desired outcome.

How long does this take?

A full session can take up to an hour depending on your personal situation. Sometimes shorter sessions can take place which are equally beneficial.

Areas I can help with

  • General “stress”
  • General anxiety
  • Interview confidence and workplace scenarios
  • Relationship challenges
  • Weight and fitness goals
  • Health goals
  • Emotional blocks
  • Personal achievements related to performance

If you would like support on something not listed above please contact me.

For all sessions we would have a free 15 minute preliminary conversation to find out if working with me would be a fit for you and for me to answer any questions you may have.

(All our sessions are confidential as agreed between us and I am fully insured for all work undertaken.)