Inspirational words

Inspiration for the weekend…

Let in the Light…

We weren’t born to spend our days in despair, lamenting our existence.

Nor were we born to squander our lives in self-indulgence, piling up regrets.

We were born to play out a great human drama of triumphing over difficulties, dancing with happiness and with joy, while dispelling the clouds of gloom.

Inspirational words

Thought for today…

This is from the Language of Letting Melody Beattie.. beautiful and comforting.

Faith is like a muscle.

It must be re exercised to grow strong.

Repeated experiences of having to trust what we can’t see and repeated experiences of learning to trust that things will work out for our highest good are what makes our faith muscles stronger..


Affirmations for today…

I allow the good stuff to happen

I attract abundance in ALL areas of my life

When I relax and back up good things happen

The person who I am attracting is getting ready to be with me

I forgive myself

Creative energy is always with me

It’s OK for me to not know

It’s OK for me to feel vulnerable

I am loved…

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Struggling in your relationship?

I recently heard one of the most powerful questions, that really spoke to my heart.

It has helped me move away from relationships that were bringing me pain and were feeling unbalanced.

The question is:

“Am I getting enough of what I need to make grieving for what I’m not getting OK with me?”

I can’t recall where I heard it but wanted to share this golden piece of wisdom .

With love.