The Power of Imperfection


I wanted today to share my thoughts on being imperfect.

I read a beautiful quote from a book called “The Instruction Manual for Receiving God” by Jason Shulman today.

God would not be God if what God needed was our “perfection”. We would not be humans if all we learned was to awaken a single time.

We need to know that we can awaken over and over again, and that in every state we love or hate, in every falling down or rising up, God is with us…

So many times I have fallen short of a self imposed goal or a new ideal or approach, due to not being able to do it perfectly.

In my “own mind” I have created this conflict. The self imposed perfection that limits me and actually blocks me from “connection” with my own understanding of a Higher Power (God)

This conflict can manifest in many ways and also has a physiological aspect.

Who do I need to be perfect for?

Who am I trying to impress?

Where did I learn that perfection = love?

What would happen if I showed up, just as I am in all my wounded glory?

Sometimes I am fully aware that these patterns are unconscious and not accessible but when they start to show themselves it is worth exploring these limiting beliefs in which ever way suits you. It could be a life coach, a friend, a therapist, or simply spending time each day in quiet and reflection.

Maybe its just OK to show up, turn up and be who you are in this very moment?


The Power of stillness…

This morning I had a deep realisation that everything is ok in the world, in me and in my relationships…

I had put down needing to “do” anything or to achieve anything..

Part of my past and make up is the need to “do” and a compulsion to keep myself busy as a way of distraction from myself.

Sometimes distraction is needed but not today…today I choose to connect with the part of me that feels inadequate and in an attempt to fix this will normally busy myself hoping that someone will notice what I have done …and say “well done”

We all need to feel acknowledged which is a part of human emotion and existense.

However when I am busy trying to attach my worth to externals that in itself can cause disconnection within me.

I recognise this as a deeply engrained and familiar pattern.

I am sitting here enjoying music, in the sun enjoying being in the moment and recognising the growth in my life.

I also acknowledge the space for feelings as they arise not needing to change them but gently observing them.

“The war is over, I no longer need to fight with myself” today I let in the light and embrace what is…all is well”