Hidden gems, Inspirational words

Struggling in your relationship?

I recently heard one of the most powerful questions, that really spoke to my heart.

It has helped me move away from relationships that were bringing me pain and were feeling unbalanced.

The question is:

“Am I getting enough of what I need to make grieving for what I’m not getting OK with me?”

I can’t recall where I heard it but wanted to share this golden piece of wisdom .

With love.



Reiki for animals

I am delighted to share that I now offer Reiki to your beloved pets and animals.

They respond very well to the energy of Reiki and all that can offer.

I can do this remotely which is great for the difficult times we are in right now.

Our animals are part of the family and deserve just as much love and attention as we do.


Affirmations for today…

I allow others to live their own lives

My mind is clear and focused

I allow myself ample leisure time without feeling guilty

Letting go is self care

I can say NO to what I dont want and Yes to what I do, the choice is mine

No means no….

I am a precious child of God…