Below is a sample of my clients experiences.

Paul has a deep and integrated understanding of coaching and is one of those rare people who doesn’t just do coaching but are coaches.

He asks powerful questions for clarity and ensures that whomever he is coaching reaches levels of personal understanding that they were not expecting.

He is profoundly intuitive and combines this with a clear grasp of coaching principles, details and techniques in a blend that is unusual to see expressed and indeed expressed with a light touch and a sense of humour.

(Nick Bolton – Founder – Animas Coaching)

Receiving Reiki from Paul was like recieving a warm hug.

(Molly – Kent)

I just wanted to say thank you for the treatment you gave me yesterday , I feel amazing today.

(Sue – Kent)

I was a bit nervous about meeting a life coach.

Paul put me at ease straight away and I immediately felt as though I developed rapport with him.

Over the weeks and months that I had sessions with him, I came to realise how wonderful it is to have support from a source you did not previously know, that his initial detachment from my life meant I could be completely honest, knowing there would be no bias regarding what we spoke about.

I found the process to be hugely liberating and ultimately very effective.My life could not be more different than when I first met Paul – for the better!!!

(NW – Spain)