Zads naturally caring nature shone through when he started my Reiki session with a full explanation of what to expect and asked me what I was hoping for.

His beautiful, comfortable and private space ensured that I could fully immerse myself in the therapy.

Zad advised me when he was going to lay his hands on me and when he did, was so incredibly gentle. I felt totally safe and completely relaxed.

Afterwards, we talked through my experience. The sense of peace and serenity stayed with me for ages.

I had another session, however due to Covid-19, Zad “sent” his treatment via distance Reiki. I was sceptical about this but went with it, laid down at the time we agreed. Zad sent a text giving me a 10 minute heads up. Well, I felt warm, my legs felt heavy but there was an amazing sense of calm. After about 15/20 minutes, my eyes slowly opened and the calmness stayed. 

Thank you so much Zad for sharing your amazing gift with me.,I look forward to my next session.

Helen (Kent)

I just wanted to say thank you for the treatment you gave me yesterday , I feel amazing today.

(Sue – Kent)

Wow!!! It was so powerful Zad!! It arrived like a huge storm in the form of waves in my body! So much energy, and light. Thank you so much

(Laszlo – Hungary)