Zads naturally caring nature shone through when he started my Reiki session with a full explanation of what to expect and asked me what I was hoping for.

His beautiful, comfortable and private space ensured that I could fully immerse myself in the therapy.

Zad advised me when he was going to lay his hands on me and when he did, was so incredibly gentle. I felt totally safe and completely relaxed.

Afterwards, we talked through my experience. The sense of peace and serenity stayed with me for ages.

I had another session, however due to Covid-19, Zad “sent” his treatment via distance Reiki. I was sceptical about this but went with it, laid down at the time we agreed. Zad sent a text giving me a 10 minute heads up. Well, I felt warm, my legs felt heavy but there was an amazing sense of calm. After about 15/20 minutes, my eyes slowly opened and the calmness stayed. 

Thank you so much Zad for sharing your amazing gift with me.,I look forward to my next session.

Helen (Kent)

I just wanted to say thank you for the treatment you gave me yesterday , I feel amazing today.

(Sue – Kent)

Wow!!! It was so powerful Zad!! It arrived like a huge storm in the form of waves in my body! So much energy, and light. Thank you so much

(Laszlo – Hungary)


Zad has a deep and integrated understanding of coaching and is one of those rare people who dont just do coaching but are coaches.

He asks powerful questions for clarity and ensures that whomever he is coaching reaches levels of personal understanding that they were not expecting.

He is profoundly intuitive and combines this with a clear grasp of coaching principles, details and techniques. Highly recommended.

(Nick Bolton – Founder – Animas Coaching)

An excellent and thought provoking session that helped me understand me and gave me some very practical steps to change aspects of my life.

(Claire -London)

Before working with Zad I only had a hazy idea of what I needed to do in order to accomplish my goal. Zads coaching turned my hazy idea into specific actions.

He helped me see how straight forward it would be to make things happen.

Zads coaching is dynamic, energetic and inspiring. He reminded me what I really wanted and how important that was to me and now Ive got the result.

(Tessa – Birmingham)