Affirmations for today…

I allow myself ample leisure time without feeling guilty.

I trust my ability to say No.

Safety is an inside job.

I let go of needing to perform and produce and just “be”.

I allow myself to have fun for funs sake

The world is not a cruel place

I have enough, I do enough I AM enough….

All is well.


Affirmations for today…

I create wonderful opportunities for myself

My life is full of joy and abundance

I forgive myself for accepting sex when I wanted love

I am a precious child of God and loved exactly as I am

I say No to what I don’t want and Yes to what I do – the choice is mine

I have everything I need for today

I forgive others who have hurt me…


Affirmations for today…

I let go of other people’s opinions

I let go of needing to be perfect to be loved

I create new and exciting possibilities in my life

“This” world is safe and I occupy my place in it peacefully

I stop defining myself by my past

I receive as well as give

I give fear back to people when it’s not mine to carry

I am loveable exactly as I am…


Affirmations for today…

I attract abundance in “all’ areas of my life.

I allow the good “stuff” to happen.

Everything I need is right here.

It’s all OK, helps on the way…

I let go of sadness and make space for joy.

I am brave, courageous and loved…

Inspirational words

Reflection for today…

Look how far you’ve come

Take a moment to reflect on your journey, and see how far you’ve come.

All the ways you’ve learned and grown. All the obstacles you’ve overcome.

Your mind may often remind you of all things you have or haven’t done, but just for a while give yourself some credit for who you are and be proud!

Your life is precious, and this is worth celebrating..

(Messages of Grace – Anna Grace Taylor)