Affirmations for today…

I allow the good stuff to happen

I attract abundance in ALL areas of my life

When I relax and back up good things happen

The person who I am attracting is getting ready to be with me

I forgive myself

Creative energy is always with me

It’s OK for me to not know

It’s OK for me to feel vulnerable

I am loved…


Affirmations for today…

I allow others to live their own lives

My mind is clear and focused

I allow myself ample leisure time without feeling guilty

Letting go is self care

I can say NO to what I dont want and Yes to what I do, the choice is mine

No means no….

I am a precious child of God…

Hidden gems, Inspirational words

Thought for today…

You are enough…

Self hate uses self improvement as self maintenance

As long as you are concerned about “always” improving yourself.

You will always have a self to improve

and you will always suffer….

Be you, in all your wounded glory…..

(There is nothing wrong with you – Cheri Huber)